Beyond the Deep Ridge

Deeper into the Oscuro

Exploring the unknown

Fourth Rusday, 17Seastel, Mid afternoon

The road at last…and it’s guards

Well into the Verde season, the coldest, wetest and windiest part of the year, the Hidalgo , Jerrow and their hirelings spend a few days recovering from the wounds they incurred from the forrest trolls in the ruins of a stone settlement. After several days, Jerrow’s knee seems to get no better, having lost some mobility and strength, they decide to carry on.

Over the next three days they continue along the edge of the rift, discovering the remnants of a flagged road leading deep into the woods. As this was the only real clue they had, they begin to follow it. Late into the day, around mid afternoon, or a bt later, they encounter three hooded figures that try to turn them away. The hidalgo, indignent that she should be turned from her course, ignores their direction, and one of the figure spits a toung of flame at her…and they then engage in a fierce battle!


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