Beyond the Deep Ridge

Deeper into the Oscuro
Exploring the unknown

Fourth Rusday, 17Seastel, Mid afternoon

The road at last…and it’s guards

Well into the Verde season, the coldest, wetest and windiest part of the year, the Hidalgo , Jerrow and their hirelings spend a few days recovering from the wounds they incurred from the forrest trolls in the ruins of a stone settlement. After several days, Jerrow’s knee seems to get no better, having lost some mobility and strength, they decide to carry on.

Over the next three days they continue along the edge of the rift, discovering the remnants of a flagged road leading deep into the woods. As this was the only real clue they had, they begin to follow it. Late into the day, around mid afternoon, or a bt later, they encounter three hooded figures that try to turn them away. The hidalgo, indignent that she should be turned from her course, ignores their direction, and one of the figure spits a toung of flame at her…and they then engage in a fierce battle!

The Oscuro Bosc
Off to hunt a dragon

Third Burnalsun, 11Seastel, Shortly after sunset

Into the Dark Wood

The Hidalgo has hired Canto and Arrgn to help guide them through the Oscuro Bosc. The need to go deep in the woods, near the rift, to find a dragon who may have some information they can use…

Returning to Moverna
With a possible lead

Fourth Purchsun, 19 Fatestel, Midmorning

Making Plans

After dealing with several issues at Isle Hundrise, including losing one of the Comapnionaro, the Scribner has given them some info that leads them to the Heart of the Oscuro Bosc. They make some arrangements, and prepare to travel again.


First Obel, 5 Fatestel, past mid-day

In the Tower

Upon entering the tower, they have a few minor encounters, and have tactically decided to see if they can draw any of the mindless undead into a well arrayed trap. They have sent Jerrow and Parthgwend, a wood elf asilar ranger, to the upper levels to draw them down…but the second level appears empty…

Isle Bound

First Obel, 5 Fatestel

Arriving at Isle de Hundrise

They have again boarded the Moon Watcher with their 10 Asilaro They have been joined by a Scribner Duogan. The first night is uneventful. The second night they encounter an apparently abandoned or plagued ship and set it alight. The morning of the third day, They arrive at the Red Island, making their way to the tower without incident. However, at the tower, they meet 2 undead, and quickly dispatch them…

The task renewed
And what of Alejandro

First Burnalsun, 1 Fatestel

Late afternoon, making travel preparations

The Passing day finds the Hidalgo and Jerrow preparing to return to the Isla de Hundrise. The Secret Keeper’s temple will be sending someone who can assist them with the documents. They have also hired 10 members of Compa├▒eros de la m├íscara verde to accompany them and have hired the Moon Watcher again to undertake the journey.

Since they have been back, they have spoke with an Ascribus and discovered they have some information about the Dragon creatures. Sara has reported to the Condue, and received assistance for the hire of the the Asilaro. However, Alejandro, has disappeared again, and has left a note saying that he has urgent business to attend to…

The Tower , abandon
Return to Moverna

Last Purchsun, 24 Faithstel

Mid morning at the Docks

As our intrepid explorers continued the exploration of the tower, they encounter illusiory walls and more undead. After defeating them, and suffering some serious wounds, the settle down to rest, while Alejandro begins exploring. Unfortunately, he sets off some sort of ward, and is struck blind. They decide to return to the Secret Keepers Librarys with the info the have collected and to see if Alejandro can be helped.

Before morning, his sight returns, and they discover that their boat has been attacked, but is safe. They board the boat, and return to Moverna without incident, arriving at the docks not long after the sun rises across the horizon.

Inside the Tower

4th Griksun, 18 Faithstel

Going to Mid-afternoon

Inside the Gemio Lo Mesteriuo, they find doors that lead nowhere, secret doors in rough walls, a gargoyle, and undead in a seemingly deserted tower…

The Sinking Island, and the Temple of Mystery

4th Rusday, 17 Faithstel

Just Midday

The Hidalgo and her companions have rented a small boat from the family Naithai, teh Moon Watcher, and her crew. With it, they travel out to open water to one of the small islands off shore. The Isla d’Roja is only a few miles from the dark water, but they arrive late in the day, having to swim to the shore. Alejandro was floated in an empty water barrel with much of their gear, as he cannot swim. As they dry their gear, Jerrow shifts and goes scouting, discovering some disturbing denizens, but they deal with it quite handily.

The next morning, they climb the hill, making a few other discoveries, and are now outside the tower they saw from the water…

Another day in the life
What do we know?

3rd Griksun, 13 Faithstel

Later in the day

Jerrow visits the University again, to have the item further analyzed, and finds a great deal of information. But what does a token, made with impossible impure Salts of Gold, edged with something that resembles dragon script, that has magics of Gating and alarm with a small kernal of elemental fire in the middle mean?

Hidalgo Sara Is visited by the cadaverist, Magister Piero who examines the corpse of the creature, but he is unable to help identify it. He does help himself to her victuals, however. Also, she is visited again by Raymondo, who gives her information, that is not valued very highly. Then, she meets with her Condue and makes some plans.

Alejandro goes back to work for Bugs, but his abrasive personality makes his take rather meager…but he does come back with a prize for the beggar king. Later that night, following a young dwarven girl into the Warren after his target…and encounters a bit more than he bargained for, but certain “Spices” make his job a bit easier…


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