The Warren, or the Warrens, was a relatively prosperous crafting district abutting the wall of the inner city. About 115 of the Schism, a fire started in the heart of it, the nature of which has never been determined. However, the volunteers who tried to control it failed. The wall still shows scars from the blaze. The whole district burned from the wall to Comercia camin, and from the Alta Camino Puerta to Skeldergate.

The plan was to tear down the remains and rebuild, however, while funding was being debated in the Grand Consoul, less savory elements began to take up residence, barricading roads to create single points of access, rebuilding nooks and crannies and claiming their own fief within the ruins. In the ensuing years, through inefficiency, inattention, graft and pure malice all attempts to clear the warrens have been met with several Brassies dead (or worse) and more barriers being built. There are a few places that remain, relatively unchanged, usually near the edges. However deep in the warren, burned building with new stone faces, scraps of wood, metal bars and broken barrels the routes constantly change. It is not unkown for someone to establish a hideout, and then be unable to reach it after a few days when someone else moves in and puts up a new wall, or tears down an old one.

It is a rare night that at least one body is found on one of the borders in the morning. Violence, filth, chicanery and general mayhem are the hallmarks of this all but forsaken place.

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