The Skys

Above Moverna is a moon, Velada. It is visible during the day and the night. It is large, and blotched with pale greens, blues, reds, whites and yellows. Every 25 days a small moon, Contare, passes through the sky, arriving above the northern horizon just after dawn, and sinks below the southern horizon shortly after midnight. When Contare is in the sky, Veladas colors deepen and the yellow and white seem to glow, giving the first part of that night almost full daylight brightness, but with an amber cast to the light.

The Sun currently rises from the south east, setting in the north west. Each day is accounted for by 20 hora days and 20 hora nights (The actual day is about 22 hours long that we are familiar with) and they are marked by the temples and the Great Clock, in the center of the inner city.

The seasons are marked by the abundance of the colors on Velada, more than by weather, as it is rarely very hot or cold, and light rain is common before dawn turning to fog during dawn and early morning. Although snow or extreme heat do happen, it is rare enough to make note of. Snow usually occurs during the Verd passings, and the scorching days occur during the Roj passings

The night of Contare begins the next passing. A year is marked after 12 passings, and each year the sun can be measured rising and setting about 2 degrees counterclockwise. Also, the patterns of Veladas complete their cycle after this twelfth passing.

Stars are many and bright at night, and a few can be seen during the brightest day. These day stars are each named for various gods, and they travel throughout the year. Those that pass behind either Velada or Contare of course are hidden, and when they are near the sun, they cannot be seen.


The Skys

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