Over 200 years ago, everything changed. The thriving trade center of Moverna was suddenly cut off from everything. One day, trade was continuing as usual, the next, no ships arrived. Over the next few days, still no ships arrived and the caravans stopped arriving.

Within a few days, it was reported that a great rift had appeared, and that is what seemed to have stopped the caravans. Also, beyond the harbor, some of the fishermen reported the water was black, or in some places, red. Of course boats and ships were sent out to explore this, as well as stalwart souls to explore the rift. However, any boat or ship that crossed into the dark water never returned. The sailors reported that when the ship entered the dark water, it appeared that the ship gained speed and sailed into the distance.

At the bottom of the great rift, was a small ridge of steep mesa’s, bluffs and mountains. So, it was a difficult climb down, then a climb over this ridge then back down…but no one who ever went down the other side returned. Observers watched their companions climb and slide down, seemingly unaware of those still at the top. However, about half way down, they appeared to be obscured, like a mist, even though the bottom could still be seen…

After many years of exploration, and fear, the city started to become what it is now. A virtual City State, Isolated from a world it once knew…

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