Ranks of Nobility

Rango D’Nobal

Titles are awarded for various reasons. All of the Mayor Nobal, the Greater Nobility, are granted by the Council of Nobles. The Menar Nobal, or the lesser Nobility, are granted by Mayor Nobal without need of the Consoul. Any Nobal is authorized to purchase a vote in the Elections, and any Mayor Nobal may purchase up to 5. Legally, this will account for about 80% of the required 1000 sold votes. It must be noted that to remove a title from a Mayor Nobal, 15 of the sitting Consoul Grande must agree to it. TO remove a Menar Nobal, 7 of the sitting Cousoul must agree.

Titles are not hereditary! While the spouse or children of a Mayor Nobal are granted the rank of Hidal, the family members of a Nobal menar have no explicit or implied rank. The ranking member of a family may apply to the Counsoul, with a sponsor on the Consoul, to grant their family a higher rank, but it is not guaranteed. If the nobal is successful in obtaining a sponsor, it is likely that they will be granted the rango.

Although one is not required to be a member of the nobility to have a seat at the Consoul, and such a seat does not grant title automatically, it is quite uncommon for commoners to successfully win an election.

Mayor Nobal

  • Duq / Duque: The rango of Duq has not been granted for over 100 years. It must be granted To a Marq/Marque and unanimously voted by the Consoul. By the laws, a Duq can veto any law passed by the consoul, and so no one has been granted this position.
  • Marq/Marque: To achieve this rango, the person must have served at least 1 terms on the consoul, and be supported by a Duq, or 12 memebers of the Consoul. There are currently two…
  • Cond/Condue:
  • Pula/Pulama:

Menar Nobal

  • Escuda/Escudar:
  • Enfan/Enfanzo:
  • Hidal/Hidalgo:

Forms of Address

To address any Nobal it is safe with Maestro or Maestra. To address anyone respectfully, use of Senor or Senora is acceptable. Other wise Hermano/Hermana (brother/sister) is informal and friendly.

Ranks of Nobility

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