The City

Moverna was a great trade city. It sets atop 50 – 80 foot cliffs above a well protected harbor with a rocky beach. It has well built walls, that could use maintenance, but that is one of the few resources the city does not have, good stone. It is run by Council of Nobles and many races are represented within the walls and the surrounding lands. The inner city is within these walls, and it is surrounded by the rest of the city, known as the greater city. The Inner City has a population of about 100,000 and the greater city supports about 300,000. Within the Inner City are the three palacio; El Antiq Palacio, Le Cas Blanc, and La Nueva Manor.

Moverna has no standing army, however they do have a Policia that provide general security. The Consoul has a particular force known as Dragon Guard, and they are organized like a military force, but they number only 400. There are several old mercenary houses, but with the relatively peaceful state of things they are literally shadows of what they once were, hiring their companies out to hunt wolves and bears.

Places of note


For Hundreds of years, Moverna was a thriving hub of a huge trading empire. Close to the claimed borders or waters of 6 nation states it was rich and bustling. It is often credited with creating the known Trade Tounge that was as close to a common language each of these nations had. They had a proconsul and governor from the capital, Tountua over 200 leagues away, as well as representatives from all the trade nations and some that were partners of the trade nation even though they had little actual contact.

However, over 200 years ago, trade stopped. According to those who were there, one day, ships and caravans arrived as was common. And then on that day, knows as the schism, no ship or caravan arrived and none the next or the next. On that day, some of the citizens from the outridings reported a great rift had appeared. Since that day, no one who has gone more than 20 leagues from the harbor have ever returned. The Ship masters that did return reported red or black water anywhere from 15 to 18 leagues out. As a trade city it was well stocked and it was self supporting for many years with the local mining companies, the good fishing within and near by the harbor, and the agricultural holdings.


Beyond the Greater City lay the Holdings. Roughly defined by 20 radiating spokes. Most of these Holdings are agricultural. Two are dedicated to the mines, and three to the Oscuro Bosq, The Shadow Forest. Each of the Holdings is officially under the protection of one of the members of the Consoul, but each has an appointed Euncaro, usually a Pula, but occasionally a Cond, and in one case an Escudar, Kennina Hammingirl.

The holdings are mostly gentle hills, and lightly wooded plains, but along the south eastern coast are the Muerocaeri, a ridge of steep and rocky mountains and the Cielio Gema Pozo, one of the two mines. The northern coast is dominated by the Oscuro Bosq. The Oscuro is well maintined, however deep in the forest there have always been frightening things that dwell. even before the schism, people would go missing at it’s heart.


The city itself has a population of about 40,000 (About 8,000 in the inner city), and the surrounding area is populated by about 100,000 more. The vast majority is Humans but other races are represented, roughly along the following lines

Humans 49%
Wood Elves 24%
Common Orcs 13%
Dwarves 6%
Half Elves 3%
Half Orcs 2%
Gray Elves < 1%
Halflings < 1%
High Man < 1%
Greater Orcs < 1%

Feast and Famine


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