Council of Nobles

Consoul D’Grande

The Consoul, or the council of nobles is the ruling council of Moverna. For many years after the Schism, conflict, both open and covert, reigned as many of the nobles tried to become the ruler of Moverna. This resulted in more than one bloodline being extinguished. However, after many years, it became apparent that if this continued, without outside support, the city would die, so they came to an agreement that those with “Good Breeding” would rule on a council to ensure the survival of the Families, the city and it’s holdings. For over 200 years this has held sway. There have been a great number of arguments and some bloodshed over the “Good Breeding” rules, but still, every 10 years a lottery is held for those who desire a position.

Each person petitioning for one of the 20 seats must have at least two sponsors on the current Consoul, and cannot be objected to by more than 4. The petition is submitted 1 year before the election, and the roster must be complete within half a year of the election. Who gets to vote is controlled by a convoluted series of laws that have been put in place or struck out by members trying to work advantage. However, every election 1000 votes are sold and 5000 votes are given out. The 20 petitioners who have the most votes rise to the Consoul.

As might be assumed, this is a fairly inefficient form of management, so most of the laws that are passed are designed to make somebody richer, or give them a better chance of getting elected again.

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Council of Nobles

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