Because the local mines still produce some gold, but no silver, the economy has shifted. Coins are now worth:
10 Iron Peso = 1 Copper Penny
10 Copper Penny = 1 Bronze Tile
10 Bronze Tiles = 1 Gold Tally
10 Gold Tally = 1 Silver Chevron
10 Silver Chevron = 1 Platinum Crown

On average, a common laborer will make about 8 – 10 CP per day, while a skilled worker will make around 4 – 5 BT per day. True masters of their craft can demand upwards of 5 GT every day. While most people will work every day, Obel is often a limited work day, so a person can show observances. Some of the Gods have other worship days, and their followers may have those as limited days, but it will be more difficult to purchase goods, or have tasks performed on Obel.

The guilds still hold a fair amount of influence, but every year they lose a bit more as the city continues to change (some say devolve) around them. A guildsman will usually demand about 10 – 15% more than a non guild member, but a consumer of guild goods will usually have stronger backing when something goes wrong, such as shoddy workmanship or delays.






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