Beyond the Deep Ridge

The Sinking Island, and the Temple of Mystery

4th Rusday, 17 Faithstel

Just Midday

The Hidalgo and her companions have rented a small boat from the family Naithai, teh Moon Watcher, and her crew. With it, they travel out to open water to one of the small islands off shore. The Isla d’Roja is only a few miles from the dark water, but they arrive late in the day, having to swim to the shore. Alejandro was floated in an empty water barrel with much of their gear, as he cannot swim. As they dry their gear, Jerrow shifts and goes scouting, discovering some disturbing denizens, but they deal with it quite handily.

The next morning, they climb the hill, making a few other discoveries, and are now outside the tower they saw from the water…

Another day in the life
What do we know?

3rd Griksun, 13 Faithstel

Later in the day

Jerrow visits the University again, to have the item further analyzed, and finds a great deal of information. But what does a token, made with impossible impure Salts of Gold, edged with something that resembles dragon script, that has magics of Gating and alarm with a small kernal of elemental fire in the middle mean?

Hidalgo Sara Is visited by the cadaverist, Magister Piero who examines the corpse of the creature, but he is unable to help identify it. He does help himself to her victuals, however. Also, she is visited again by Raymondo, who gives her information, that is not valued very highly. Then, she meets with her Condue and makes some plans.

Alejandro goes back to work for Bugs, but his abrasive personality makes his take rather meager…but he does come back with a prize for the beggar king. Later that night, following a young dwarven girl into the Warren after his target…and encounters a bit more than he bargained for, but certain “Spices” make his job a bit easier…

Home again
More issues to solve

3rd Griksun, 13 Faithstel

Returning to the Estata, they prepare to settle in for the afternoon, but a letter, apparently for Alejandro, set him off to a task. The next morning Jerrow goes to stock the larder, and Alejandro goes off as well. Roberto arrives and speaks with Hidalgo Sara, and actions are set in motion. After that, the Hidalgo heads out to research, Jerrow seeks enlightenment, and Alejandro goes about his task. Sera does not sleep well…

The next morning, the party has a discussion over breakfast. Jerrow goes to seek advice, learning a fair amount. It is decided that he will return to the alchemist for more information…

A Mystery solved?

2nd Rusday, 7 FaithStel 841 (216 schism)

After spending the night in the keep at the Cas Caball, this day is spent in finding a few answers. And what they find may not make much sense…

An important break

2nd Bernalsun, 6 FaithStel 841 (216 schism)

Well before dawn, the camp is beset by Goblins that are killed and driven away. However, as they break camp, they realize that the body that they are carrying is beginning to rot. After a fairly uneventful ride, they arrive at Pas Antigo, and have a different sort of encounters

The return from the return

1st Obel, 5 FaithStel 841 (216 schism)

Deciding to return to Moverna, they head back into the Sudo Bosc, again avoiding Buonoro. Taking the road then to Lillios, and on to Argana. From there, the set out cross country, head toward Helda Lau.

Along this journey, the encounter some interesting events…

Remains of a fire

1st Rusday, 2 FaithStel 841 (216 schism)

Just after leaving the Sudo Bosc, they are set upon by a gray winged humanoid that spits flame upon two of the intrepid members. They dispatch the creature and find some items of interests, and then head on to Cienfuego. The find very little new there, but the decide to investigate a camp a way away this morning.

At a cold campsite, they make a few interesting discoveries…

Belly of the Beast.
Jerrow's Path.

Sorry for the hesitation, my friend. Old memories creep up on me; the stink of that city, and the heady days of excitement that followed. We lost one of the company, you see; the elven woman set off on her own path, seeking answers that had little to do with us. Myself and the halfling, we took lodging with the Hidalgo when she was offered work from her seniors, and we pledged our aid, at least until we could work out what dangers had tried to take us during our time in the forest.

We discovered that we were being watched when me and the Little Fish, as he later became famously known-
What? No, I mean the halfling. No, no he wasn’t a fish, it was just a name. Yes, two-legs are strange. Can I continue? Thank you.

Where did I get to? Oh yes. We found a city dweller watching us, and we lured him into our lair. We disarmed, and indeed diseyed him…stupid wolf, you’d find it funny if you were a two legs. We found some information that was more of interest to my companion; it meant little to me at the time.

The Hidalgo had a job for us the next day; we kept silent about the spy we killed in case it disturbed her delicate sensibilities (it also started the rumors about her home; I hear that it it is still said to be haunted by a demon. That is the power of gossip for you).

The job took us back to the settlement we had recently fled from, and its puzzled inhabitants who believed the Hidalgo responsible for several deaths. It was during this mission that we discovered a living creature matching the body we found in our early meeting, a fire breathing winged creature. It was no match for my friends; sadly I played little part in the fight having been wounded in the beasts first attack. But it proved that such creatures existed, and indeed could have been behind the attacks we had heard about.

The return to the Return

5th Purchsun, 24 LawStel 841 (216 schism)

The party splits, the Hidalgo takes the children on a hard ride back to Moverna, While Jerrow and Rameriz return to Buonoro, where misfortune befalls them. However, the ill luck may prove benificial in the end. They have Reunited back at the Travellers House in Argana, and decided upon a course of action, a departed in the afternoon breezes, back towards Cienfuego.

Bless the little children

3rd Obel, 15 LawStel 841 (216 schism)

The party seperated, and the Hidalgo returned with a surprising cargo. The traveled late into the night and acquired rooms at the Travellers house at Lillios. Now a day dawns on Holy Obel as they wake with their new charges.


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