Hidalgo Sara de Almagro de Vivero


Soldiering fits me good. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working with my hands, and you just can’t beat a chunk of fresh, hot bread, a slab of cheese going all melty inside it. But living my entire life inside a bakery, within the confines of my freakishly large family? I don’t think so. About the time my father began thinking I needed a husband I fully realized I was just not totally on board with their plan for my life. So… I looked around and the first thing that offered itself as a gainful solution to my problem was the guard. They were recruiting, I was not yet too old. Badabing. Problem solved.

Fourteen years on and I am still not sorry I joined. Even more so now as I have been knighted, have two gorgeous horses of my own, a benefactor who believes I am valuable and a name that is no longer associated with hot ovens, flour dust and pastries. Hidalgo Sara, that’s me. Okay… perhaps it would sound more impressive if I had a name that wasn’t so… well… girly, but. It is my name. My mother graced me with it, and I really would not change it for all the world… and, let’s face it. I AM a girl.

Winning that tournament changed my life. I’ll tell you that for nothing. Granted, my parents used their influence within the guilds to procure me a position in the Dragon Guard, but it was my own skill and luck that landed me on Inigo that day. Without that lovely beast I would still be just in the ranks. On any horse I am good, but on him?… well… lets just say we are a match made by Horinso himself.

And now, by the grace of my Condue I am Knight. I’m dying to find out where that will lead!

Hidalgo Sara de Almagro de Vivero

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