Beyond the Deep Ridge

The Sinking Island, and the Temple of Mystery

4th Rusday, 17 Faithstel

Just Midday

The Hidalgo and her companions have rented a small boat from the family Naithai, teh Moon Watcher, and her crew. With it, they travel out to open water to one of the small islands off shore. The Isla d’Roja is only a few miles from the dark water, but they arrive late in the day, having to swim to the shore. Alejandro was floated in an empty water barrel with much of their gear, as he cannot swim. As they dry their gear, Jerrow shifts and goes scouting, discovering some disturbing denizens, but they deal with it quite handily.

The next morning, they climb the hill, making a few other discoveries, and are now outside the tower they saw from the water…


MasterGameMaster MasterGameMaster

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