Beyond the Deep Ridge

Another day in the life

What do we know?

3rd Griksun, 13 Faithstel

Later in the day

Jerrow visits the University again, to have the item further analyzed, and finds a great deal of information. But what does a token, made with impossible impure Salts of Gold, edged with something that resembles dragon script, that has magics of Gating and alarm with a small kernal of elemental fire in the middle mean?

Hidalgo Sara Is visited by the cadaverist, Magister Piero who examines the corpse of the creature, but he is unable to help identify it. He does help himself to her victuals, however. Also, she is visited again by Raymondo, who gives her information, that is not valued very highly. Then, she meets with her Condue and makes some plans.

Alejandro goes back to work for Bugs, but his abrasive personality makes his take rather meager…but he does come back with a prize for the beggar king. Later that night, following a young dwarven girl into the Warren after his target…and encounters a bit more than he bargained for, but certain “Spices” make his job a bit easier…


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